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A Tool for Change

Could poverty be reduced by implementing innovation in technology and good business models? Our speakers point to this as the most underutiised strategic tool towards reducing poverty in our day. If it’s done the right way, we could improve quality of life --and maybe even provide a living. 

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Beyond the Buzzword

Moving beyond the buzzword of 'Knowledge Economy;' what are the real challenges that affect our economic future?

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Less is More

Who is willing to consume less and increase efficiency? Join us, as we examine the technological business opportunities that will fight the battle against climate change.  

Share the Problem: Transnova 1/2

Electric vehicle development has followed a linear approach that copies conventional, fossil-fuel powered cars. If we could free ourselves, what would the electronic vehicle of the future look like -the EV 3.0? This is the first part of a two-part session.

Share the Problem: OMC 1/2

The global south needs tech solutions. Be part of this interdisciplinary workshop and create applications and services for high speed local wireless networks, helping rural communities. This is the first part of a two-part session.

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Share the Problem: Ericsson 1/3

Ericsson is working on the next generation of wireless mobile networks and systems. How will 5G, a decentralized, crowd-enabled and distributed infrastructure, be useful for different industries and sectors? What payment models could be developed? This is the first part of a three-part session.

Share the Problem: A-Aqua 1/2

Poor sanitation is one of the leading causes of disease in emergency situations and humanitarian crises. Participate in this workshop to find solutions for a company on the brink of releasing pilot systems that will transform disaster relief operations. 

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Innovation Norway: Business Model Toolkit 1/2

Have you used the Business Model Generation Toolkit? Our speaker Gaute Hagerup, will demonstrate how to effectively use this tool in business model development. This is the first part of a two-part session.

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Innovation Norway: Turning Ideas into Customers 1/3

Be part of this proactive workshop to learn how Lean Startup and customer development techniques can better develop your products and your company. This is part one of a three part session.

Samfundet stor

Good ideas deserve to be celebrated! On Monday, April 28th, we'll roll out the red carpet at Innovator: the Oscar Party for Entreprenuers. This event will be held in Norwegian.

FME artistic
FME Innovation Forum

Technoport conference partner CenSES invites you to FME Innovation Forum. This session will be held in Norwegian. 

Experts in Teamwork Exhibition

Experts in teamwork is a project course at NTNU where graduate-level students from all studies work in groups to create new ideas to solve important challenges. Come and check out their successes!

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The most innovative entrepreneurs are troublemakers, disrupting traditional methods and making entire industries obsolete. Join us and learn from successful troublemakers.

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A Celebration of Failures

Failure is a taboo. Challenging its connotations is unusual, but necessary. In this session we are brave enough to celebrate failure stories and search for lessons learned. 

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Venture Angels and Crowd Investors

How do you fund your startup? As technology progresses and knowledge expands we find new ways of driving business. 

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Research to the Real World

In this session we ask the 'do or disappear' questions for researchers and businesses in growth. Our speakers provide new approaches and tried and true innovation and entrepreneurial models.

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Sustainable Business Models

Examine how sustainable business models can benefit everyone, whether you are a business, a new startup or a researcher.

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Climate Report for Business Leaders
How can Norway be a global leader in promoting climate change mitigation?
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Entreprenørskap 123 Pitchekonkurranse for studenter

Kids can sell lemonade, but can you? Ten startups from NTNU will pitch their business ideas in this competition. This is your chance to cast a vote. This session will be held in Norwegian.

The Live Crowdfunding Experiment

Technoport and FundedByMe present Norway's first live-equity crowdfunding experiment.

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How Visual Media Helps Us Make Sense

What can we learn from the art of visual storytelling when we are trying to make sense of an ever-growing flow of unsifted data? This session is in collaboration with NxtMedia and Kosmorama Film Festival.

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Into the Crystal Ball

During the next century we'll face massive, interwoven changes in our climate, human health, population size, natural resource use, science and technology. Our ability to predict and manage these changes will be determined by our capacity for social and technological innovation. Our speakers target the main challenges and opportunities.

NxtMedia Workshop: Gamification

NxtMedia invites you to participate in this gamification workshop, inspired by state-of-the-art input from tech industries and academia. This session will be held in Norwegian.

Offshore innovation
Venture Capital: Developing New Technology and Successful Companies
Statoil Technology Invests invites you to a session that focuses on the interaction between venture capital and technology based-business ideas. 
NCE Instrumentation Wireless Subsea Communication

NCE Instrumentation invites you to their workshop on wireless subsea communication. This session will be held in Norwegian.

Media Technology

NxtTechnoRama, a collaboration between NxtMedia and Kosmorama, continues in Trondheim City Centre. Here we will investigate how media innovation, technology development and the movie industry, are becoming increasingly integrated. The program will be held in Norwegian. 

NXT Media NCE Workshop

This session is by invite only. 

Crowdfunding Workshop

Liz Wald, Head of International at the world's largest crowdfunding site Indiegogo, invites you to this crowdfunding workshop teaching you tools on how to sell yourself to the masses.

Trondheim: A Hotspot 2030!

Join SINTEF in this round table discussion on how to secure Trondheim’s position as a leading European technology and innovation hub in 2030.

Trondheim Reflection
Trondheim, what’s in it for me? Q&A Session

There are 100 reasons why Trondheim region is the best place to grow your idea or business, according to Trondheim kommune and Innovation Norway in Sør-Trøndelag. Join this session hosted by Trondheim kommune's Chief Executive Officer and seize your chance to pose the tough questions about establishing yourself in Trondheim.

IPIN Forum

A one-day conference on knowledge based business hosted by our conference partner IPIN, the Intellectual Property Institute of Norway.