Innovation Breakfast: Can Machines Teach Other Machines?

Machine Learning

In cooperation with Trondheim Kommune and Næringforeningen i Trondheim we invite you to Innovation Breakfast on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

Today, machines use Big Data to learn and advance themselves - the so-called "Machine Learning". 

Is there an opportunity for businesses to utilize and benefit from this technology? How will ‘Machine Learning’ develop in the future? Will machines start to teach other machines? What ethical challenges are we facing, and how will they be addressed? 

Ieva Martinkenaite, Head of Office of Digital Innovation Network at Telenor, is coming to talk about how they work with startups and businesses to develop Artificial Intelligence.

Odd Erik Gundersen, COO of MazeMap, Adjuct Associate Professor at NTNU and a part of the data and artificial intelligence group where he teaches courses in artificial intelligence.

Keith Downing, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life (NTNU), associated with Oberlin College, author of "Intelligence Emerging. Adaptivity and Search in Evolving Neural Systems” (MIT Press, 2015).

His research focus is on trying to understand the evolution, development, learning and general functionality of neural mechanisms and to then design useful abstractions of them to enhance AI systems.

More speakers and information coming soon!

Friday 25. Aug.
08:00 - 10:00
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