And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to the winners of this year's 'Community Builder of the Year' award - Arnstein Johannes Syltern, Jaya Thomlison and Mats Mathisen.

Congratulations to Arnstein Johannes Syltern, Jaya Thomlison and Mats Mathisen, winners of this year's Technoport 'Community Builder of the Year' award, designed to recognise the contributions of those working behind the scenes to develop Trondheim's innovation and entrepreneurship scene.

DIGS-trio was picked by a jury from a stellar line-up of nominees, each of whom has gone beyond the call of duty over the last twelve months (and in many cases, a lot longer than that).

'Trondheim has many extremely important people who all contribute with their commitment and passion to make this town a better place for entrepreneurs and startups with each year that passes. The jury had the pleasure to have a difficult job of selecting one worthy winner of this year's Community Builder award. Nevertheless, the jury has landed on an unanimously decided winner who has brought more to the cultural environment of Trondheim than one might realise during the time they have worked here'.

This year's 'Community Builder of the Year' award goes to Mats, Arnstein and Jaya or better known as the gang behind DIGS. 

Co-founders behind DIGS were the ones that opened the floodgates of entrepreneurial culture here in Trondheim. After DIGS opened its doors 3 years ago, there have been many other initiatives, conferences, events, and particularly startups, and what they all have in common is that at one point, each of them stopped by DIGS.

Being an entrepreneur is no picnic, and it's something Mats, Arnstein and Jaya can definitely relate to. They are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That means they've taken a lot of personal risk in their work. You will never hear them complain, but there has certainly been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears behind building DIGS from scratch. This selfless work is one that jury values very highly, for it requires the ability to stay on the course day after day, year after year, in the face of numerous obstacles. For that, DIGS team deserves great respect from everyone that is involved in the entrepreneurial and startup community. They serve as a great inspiration to those that always wanted to embark on this risky journey, but never really had the courage. These are the people who have been invaluable to building up what we now know as Norway's best city for entrepreneurship.

Photo: Torbjørn Buvarp

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