Gustav Brismark is currently Vice President of Strategies and Portfolio Management at Ericsson AB, Sweden. A position he has held since June 2006. 

Gustav Brismark has been working at Ericsson AB, since 1986, after receiving his MSc degree in Physics Engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden. Mr Brismark has a background from equalizer algorithm research for GSM- and TDMA-systems for mobile communication. In 1995 Mr Brismark was appointed head of the Radio Access and Antenna Systems Research department. During 1998-2000, Mr Brismark was active at Ericsson’s Japanese operation, responsible for Standardisation and Product Management of WCDMA. Returning to Sweden in 2000, Mr Brismark became Director of Product Management of WCDMA RAN at Ericsson AB.

In 2004, Mr Brismark was appointed Vice President of Patent Development at Ericsson AB, with responsibility of Ericsson’s global patent organisation and has since then been active in this field.