This Year's Crowdfunding Hopefuls

These four startups aim to win over the crowd at Studentersamfundet.

During Technoport 2016, the 3rd edition of the Live Crowdfunding Experience will take place at Studentersamfundet. In the two previous editions, the winners Assistep and Vepak have combined to raise over NOK 850,000.

We are excited to see who this year’s winners will be!

These four up­-and­-coming startups will pitch their company from the stage:
Dropracks is a roof rack which can be lowered down horizontally beside your car. It will be much easier and safer to load accessories onto your roof. Imagine how nice it would be to avoid all the hassle loading your equipment onto the car ­roof!  Dropracks will make your trips more practical.    

MinMemoria is a digital memory book, which lets you and your family preserve the story of your  loved ones through photos, stories and relations. Every year families struggle with the  challenges dementia brings. The person affected loses everything regarding who they are. With MinMemoria each patient has their own profile, where families can share their photos, stories and  relations. MinMemoria will strengthen the relationship between the families, dementia patients  and nurses.     

FlowStick is a GoPro stabilizer which eliminates shaking and vibrations 100%.  Most owners of GoPro cameras have experienced their videos being disrupted by these  elements. FlowStick will enable skiiers, bikers, rollerskaters and other adventurists to capture  their shots in a perfect way. It is also small, robust, affordable and waterproof. Flowstick is revolutionizing the way great moments are being captured.    

Stikkmenn is a game for kids, by kids. Designed by a 5-year-old child, the game is very interactive and will unleash your inner child. You can try playing the game in different ways, where new and fun gameplay will emerge. And maybe the best part? You can make your Stikkmenn dance!

Every startup is cool and innovative in its own way. In order to win the crowd, the young entreprenurs will have to present their product, the issue they are addressing and the market outlook in a simple and informative way. They will also have to answer critical questions from the investors in the crowd. Often there are competing products on the market, serving the same needs. The startups have to persuade the crowd to invest in their vision, rather than competing products. The startups who are best prepared in addressing these issues will emerge as winners and receive a sizeable investment. May the best startup win!

The Live Crowdfunding Experience takes place on the evening of 2 March as part of Technoport 2016.

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