Lars Iversen

Lars Kristian Iversen

Senior Business Adviser and Partner Springfellow AB Sweden

Lars is a senior business adviser and a partner at Springfellow AB. A creative concept agency that delivers innovation strategies and concepts for international companies. Every working position he has previously held, gave him an opportunity to combine his extensive knowledge of emerging technologies with expertise in sales and business development. This mix works magically in bringing about novel solutions, products and concepts to clients. Lars is always providing an outside in perspective when it comes to companies’ ability to adapt and grow in rapidly changing markets and fast evolving technologies.

He has a keen interest and instinct for business opportunities. Clients enjoy working with him for he never is stifled by whatever is the norm, but is always able to provide a fresh and positively provoking view of a situation or opportunity. Lars is a true visionary with good knowledge of the tomorrow's market demands. Furthermore he has an amazing capability of describing the future, to even the biggest audience”.

Specialties: evolving technologies, breakthrough solutions, open innovation, internet, ecommerce, retail, logistics, telecom.

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