Frøkedal og familien

Frøkedal & Familien

FRØKEDAL is Anne Lises new project and shares the same surname. In addition to playing a central role in bands such as Harrys Gym and I Was A King she has played cajun and traditional music with local musicians and conspired with actors from the house and electronica scene in Oslo. These impressions are summarized in an expression that loves the acoustic and shows equal affection for the simple, effective beats.
Frøkedal's music is darc and melodic, inspired by 60's folk music via Cocteau Twins to Brian Eno's minimalistic pop.
Frøkedal prefer to travel with FAMILIEN, where some of the finest musicians and people in the country are united: Olav Christer Rossebøe (fiddle, mandola), Erlend Ringseth (keys), Thea Glenton Raknes (vocal, percussion) and Ingeleiv Berstad (fiddle, vocal).

Talks and participations

Technoport's Live Crowdfunding (speaker)