Pitch Camp: The Golden 8 Announced

These eight entrepreneurs will get the chance to compete for 100,000kr live on stage at Technoport 2015 tomorrow.

Eight entrepreneurs will get the chance to compete for 100,000kr live on stage at Technoport 2015 tomorrow. The finalists were chosen from over fifty participants in Technoport’s first Pitch Camp, in association with Connect Trøndelag, NTNU Accel, TrønderEnergi, Trondheim Kommune, NxtMedia and our hosts DIGS.

After a frantic day of practising and pitching, these eight startups most impressed the judges:

1. Staalker

2. Morpho Solar

3. Vio

4. Seram Coatings

5. MyWorkout

6. Aalberg Audio

7. AssiTech

8. Islero



The Pitch Camp was an experiment from Technoport where participants, after attending a workshop on sales techniques, were allowed time to practise and perfect their pitch before going before each of the judges in turn. The participants were marked on factors including the quality of their pitch, the balance of solution, value and company, their sincerity and ability to listen and respond to feedback.

Hamza Nebolsi travelled from Oslo to participate on behalf of CosyTech AS:

"It was a mosh pit of people racing to get to talk to everyone, but it was a lot of fun and we got a lot of feedback from a lot of different people. I learned that the idea itself isn’t enough. Its not about having a fancy idea, its about how you will execute, your business model and how you will make money. The questions from investors really make you think."

Those who attended Technoport’s Live Crowdfunding Experiment last year will remember Assitech, whose pitch was good enough to raise 700,000kr of offers from the general public. Founder Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø gave an impressive performance that night, but even though he made it through to the final he found the Pitch Camp tough going:

“It was exhausting! You needed to be ready for the next pitch straight away. It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot about pitching."

Technoport CEO Gøril Forbord was pleased with the day:

“It was so fun! Many people loved it and learned a lot, but we also some people were a bit confused by the concept, so that's something for us to learn for next time. But overall, we created hundreds of conversations between entrepreneurs and investors or potential mentors, some of which I know will continue beyond this event. We look forward to see how well the eight perform on the big stage tomorrow!"

Those not attending Technoport 2015 can see how the finalists get on by following our Live Stream.


Technoport Pitch Camp

Technoport Pitch Camp

technoport Pitch Camp

Technoport at DIGS

Technoport Pitch Camp


Photos: Wil Lee-Wright

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