Welcome to Trondheim! There's an App for That

It’s that time of year when our home city of Trondheim changes from the summer lull to a frenzied centre of activity. International students are arriving from every corner of the world to spend a year or longer in Norway’s technology capital.

Here at Technoport we have a close relationship with the student population and rely on student volunteers to help deliver our conference and other events throughout the year. So as a special welcome to those students (and possible future Technoport volunteers!) we’ve put together a list of must-have apps for your smartphone:

Get from A to B

Trondheim’s transport company AtB has been steadily improving its digital offer over the past few years. It now offers a suite of three apps all designed to make your travel experience easier.

First up is the ticketing app AtB Mobillett, which allows you to purchase single, day, night-bus and weekly/monthly tickets on your mobile phone. The period tickets cost the same as a normal ticket, but the single tickets are available at a 25% discount, making the app great value for those who only use the bus occasionally.

AtB Reise offers a travel planner to pinpoint what bus(es) you need to catch from where, while companion app AtB Sanntid gives the same real-time information that is available on some (but not all) bus stops.


All major supermarkets offer their own app, but Mattilbud (food offers) brings what you really care about into one app – what’s cheapest where! The simple app shows you the special offers from each supermarket brand during the current week. It’s the perfect companion for the student on a tight budget (which let’s face it, is every student in Norway), especially if you live in a student area like Moholt, where almost every supermarket brand is available within a five-minute walk.


The app from national train company NSB offers a timetable search and the ability to buy tickets digitally. If you buy tickets online, you can also download them onto the app to show the inspector on-board, saving you the bother of printing them out.

Smartpark Trondheim Parking

SmartPark allows you to buy parking tickets on your mobile phone – simple and useful.

Aurora Forecast

If you’re new to Norway and never seen the northern lights before, Trondheim offers you a reasonable chance when the nights draw in. The Aurora Forecast app from TINAC gives you an amazing amount of space weather data, and even a (paid) push notification service when the forecast goes above a certain level.

TRD Airport

Airport operator Avinor presents its Trondheim edition, featuring live departure and arrivals time, public transport information, a live webcam showing the length of the security queue, and the latest shopping offers.

There’s many more, of course, but these will get your stay in Trondheim off to a flying start.

We look forward to meeting you!

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