Leo Johnson2

Leo Johnson

Founder, Unthinkable

Leo Johnson pinpoints the megatrends shaping both risk and opportunity for global business, from climate change to demography to technology; the increased regulation and threats to corporate reputation that they can bring. He lays out both the risks and the opportunities for business and finance.

Leo is Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance, advisor to over 50 global banks and businesses and now part of PwC. He is also author of Beyond Risk and winner of the IFC Corporate Award for his work with the financial sector. He is a Fellow at Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise, and lectures at the LSE and the Cambridge Programme for Industry.

The future is already here, it just isn't evenly distributed yet. Leo examines the social, economic, environmental and governance crises confronting us and what the future will look like. Leo represents these possible futures through the visions of three cities of the future: Petropolis, Cyburbia, and the Distributed City.

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