Paul Iske is Professor at the School of Business and Economics, University Maastricht, Netherlands, focusing on Open Innovation and Business Venturing. His speciality is Combinatoric Innovation (Innovation by Combination).

As Chief Dialogues Officer and Director of the Dialogues Incubator at ABN AMRO Bank, Paul is responsible for open, radical, social and sustainable innovation. Furthermore, he is initiator and Director of the Dialogues House, ABN AMRO’s center for outside-in and future-proof thinking and behaviour (

Paul founded the ‘Institute of Brilliant Failures’ (, which is a web 2.0-approach to highlight the importance of experimentation and entrepreneurship to achieve paradigm shifts and breakthrough innovation and to get acceptance for failing as an inevitable part of innovation processes. In his speeches, workshops, seminars and consultancy assignments, Paul Iske shares his enthusiasm, vision and experience, with the aim to show new ways of thinking and acting that help the participants to find their way in an uncertain, challenging, but promising future. He is truly an optimist, who believes in the power of knowledge: insights, information and imagination.

Feedback from audience:
“A fantastic speaker”, “Finally someone who demystifies innovation”, “I love Paul’s concept of the Institute of Brilliant Failures”, “One of the pleasant surprises of TEDxEutropolis was Paul Iske”, “I look forward to Paul Iske’s presentation: I have seen him before and I want to listen to him again”, “A nice combination of Science and Practical Experience.”, “This guy is really funny!”, “Many interesting take-aways!”, “Attended a great lecture on Open Innovation and Next Generation Organization by Professor Paul Iske”, “Paul Iske: very inspiring”, “Beautiful speaker Paul Iske about Brilliant Failures”, “Innovation difficult? Not when Paul Iske explains!